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About Us

Aiman Mlehati | Principal, Ancient Culture Tours

Leading Tours for 20 Years

Ancient Culture Tours, a travel company originating in Syria in 1998, specializes in providing unique high quality cultural experiences for its clients. The company’s team of travel experts, now based in the Netherlands, has twenty years of experience designing and leading tours throughout much of the Arab world.

Why Ancient Culture Tours?

Ancient Culture Tours takes care of every itinerary detail, including ground transportation, identifying local points of interest, selecting restaurants, securing exceptional local guides, and arranging for special shopping expeditions to find a perfect locally-made craft to carry home.

When composing a tour, our management team considers all aspects of the trip – the travel terrain, cultural environment, and seasonal requirements – even the environmental footprint of the tour. We curate experiences that enable you to interact with local culture, enjoy untouched nature, meet fascinating people and taste delicious local dishes.

Interaction with Local Natives

Our creative team at Ancient Culture Tours has a reputation for excellence in serving clients who seek to see not only the sights of the destination, but also to experience its culture – delighting in Arab hospitality and interaction with natives. We believe that local interaction helps foster cultural understanding and promotes meaningful relationships among the peoples of different countries.

Memorable Cultural Experiences

The management team supporting Ancient Culture Tours operates continuously in the background of each tour, daily supporting the guides and leaders in every way. We at Ancient Culture Tours are committed to providing you with superb service and a truly memorable cultural experience.

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