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Egypt is a destination still best For most Americans

Egypt is a destination that still the best experience on a guided tour for most Americans. It’s still a little too exotic for most Americans to navigate around comfortably without support from a local. Though English is widely spoken. The street signs are still in Arabic and it is fundamentally a non-Western culture. It’s much easier to get where you want to go and do what you want to do with help from a professional tour guide.

The basic combination that has become the standard of the tour industry combines a visit to Cairo with a Nile Cruise. The travels to upper Egypt to see the villages and colossal ancient ruins that were built along the Nile. Egypt’s main artery of life. Within that basic pattern, the tours vary widely. The ways that the itineraries are structured, the specific sites visited, the time allotted to each site, the kinds of accommodations and transportation utilized, how much free time is built into the schedule, how flexible they are, what is included in the price – all these factors are handled by different tour operators in their own individual ways.

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