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Seasoned Traveller

I have traveled to 60 countries and met many tour guides. Aiman is one of the top tour guides I have ever had. His communication skills are excellent and his knowledge of Syrian and world history outstanding. Aiman was also kind, funny and warm. We all felt we made a friend for life- and that is when you know you have a good tour guide.

                    Micky Ryan | Portland, Oregon – USA

Heartily Recommended

Aiman introduced us to Syria in 2010, forever cementing our fond impressions of that country. As our local guide, he displayed sincere interest, knowledge and occasional flashes of humor through the ages-old history of his heritage and his people. We heartily recommend Aiman as a guide and trusted mentor as he travels the world. We look forward to future trips with him.

                    Mary Kay Feather and Mike Dedrick – USA

Satisfied Client

I have visited different Arab countries including Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. I thought that visiting Turkey would be a good idea if I found something special. One of my friends recommended that I join a tour to Turkey with Aiman. My vacation was so interesting. The group was filled with highly educated people. My family was happy & we all still remember.

                    Dr. M.B. Draw | Physical Therapist – Syria

Confident Of Safety

Aiman was our guide through Syria in April of 2011, just before the Syrian conflict began. He was a knowledgeable guide with a vast understanding of Syrian history, architecture, culture etc. But he also kept us safe and put our safety and well-being first and kept us out of trouble. I would recommend Aiman as a guide to anyone.

                    Mark Lammers – USA

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